Welcome to my graphic design portfolio, featuring the Saleiya project—an e-commerce business customized for a discerning client. From designing the branding elements to crafting the website and curating Instagram posts, this project exemplifies my creativity and attention to detail in delivering tailored solutions for clients.


From Vision to Reality: Crafting the Saleiya E-commerce Experience

Saleiya presented an exciting challenge: to create a unique e-commerce platform that resonated with the client’s vision and target audience. My role encompassed every aspect of the project, from conceptualizing the brand identity to designing the website and developing a cohesive Instagram presence.

The first step was to develop a captivating brand identity that would set Saleiya apart in the competitive e-commerce landscape. Drawing inspiration from the client’s preferences and market research, I crafted a distinctive logo, color palette, and typography that reflected the brand’s values of elegance, sophistication, and reliability.


Understanding the power of social media, I curated a compelling Instagram presence for Saleiya. Through strategic content planning, captivating visuals, and engaging captions, I effectively communicated the brand story and values to a wider audience. Each post was meticulously crafted to resonate with followers, drive traffic to the website, and ultimately boost sales and brand awareness.

The Saleiya project exemplifies the power of collaboration and strategic design. By combining my creativity, strategic thinking, and technical expertise, I successfully brought the client’s vision to life across multiple platforms. This resulted in a lasting impression not only for the client but also for their customers, solidifying the Saleiya brand experience.